Slow Living: Keep Cup Review

I think the most commonly asked question I receive is how I like my KeepCup. In short, I absolutely adore it and use it every day, but I thought I’d do a thorough review on my favorite coffee receptacle.

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12 Lessons I’ve Learned From The Past 12 Months

Although my vision for the future still isn’t crystal clear, I’ve learned a lot of lessons that have helped shed some light on the path I’m taking. Here are 12 lessons I’ve learned from the past year that I will definitely take with me for the rest of my life.

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From Artist to Coder: How I Found Myself as a Woman in Tech

Growing up in an Asian American household, I was taught that art was a pursuit for those who couldn't excel in math and science. "There's no money in it" was just one of many concerns my parents had in protecting my livelihood. Although they meant well, their insistence of the creative industry’s so-called “inferiority” resulted in a subconscious divide: art was art, and science was science.

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