A Glossier Haul

I've been seeing Glossier all over the internet: Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest... You name it, Glossier has made its way on there. Beautifully packaged with a wholesome, positive message, this millennial merchandise has made its way into everyone's beauty counter. And now it's finally made its way onto mine.

After reading nothing but countless positive (albeit sponsored) reviews, I started to grow a little skeptical. Could Glossier really be that great? So I decided to dive into the world of Cloud Paint and give it a shot.

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But first things first...

Who (or what) is Glossier?

Photo by New York Times

Photo by New York Times

And now here we are with Glossier...

It all started with Emily Weiss...

I was surprised to find out that Glossier actually started as a beauty blog.

Into The Gloss emerged onto the internet many moons ago (in 2010) by founder & CEO Emily Weiss. While studying studio art at NYU, Weiss interned at Teen Vogue where she found her mentor, Jane Keltner de Valle. 

With the intention of becoming a stylist, Weiss took a job, after graduating in 2007, as a fashion assistant at another Conde Naste publication, W, where she hoped to gain experience on photo shoots.


The Products




→ Stretch Concealer - Medium

→ Lip Gloss

→ Cloud Paint - Dusk/Puff/Beam/Haze

Stretch Concealer - Medium

packaing photo

packaing photo

The Stretch Concealer has "elastic micro waxes that move with your face instead of caking on top of it," and claims to contain "nourishing oils that give a dewy, glowing finish. The buildable formula covers everything from dark circles to redness and blemishes."

Lip Gloss

lipgloss packaging

lipgloss packaging

Glossier's lipgloss is a classic gloss that claims to provide "cushiony, crystal clear shine—no gluey feeling, no stickiness, no grittiness, no glitter."

Cloud Paint - Dusk / Puff / Beam / Haze

big cloud paint flat lay

big cloud paint flat lay

These watercolor-package inspired blushes are "designed to be the most user-friendly blush imaginable, for a healthy, flushed glow."


Thank you so much for reading this incredibly long post! If you have any suggestions on other Glossier products you'd recommend, or would like to see a review on any of these products, please leave a comment down below!


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