Porto's Bakery & Cafe - Burbank


Great friends, great food, and a great time. How could I say no?

I visited Porto's Bakery & Cafe, the famed Cuban bakery with unforgettable pastries and sandwiches all under $10. For more history about the iconic establishment, check out the LA Eater's article.

There's always a line out of the restaurant, but that's nothing to worry about. The staff is efficient and kind, despite the high volume of customers.

I ordered quite a bit of food to bring home, but I didn't quite get an opportunity to take a photo of everything. I was too busy eating and enjoying myself to remember.

This establishment is definitely not vegan or gluten-free friendly, but if you don't have any stringent dietary restrictions and love a good sweet treat, Porto's is definitely a place to check out.

The Food

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