Q & A: College Edition


Since this community has grown so incredibly much within the past six months, I felt like it was appropriate to start getting a little bit more intimate with each other. There’s a line of privacy that I find important when sharing one’s life on the internet, especially when there are academic pursuits involved. However, it felt almost selfish and inappropriate not to provide my insight on life - especially if it helps make people feel less alone and further understood.

So I decided to start Q & A sessions - hopefully, these will become a regular thing on the blog. If you have any questions that you’d like answered on the next installment, please leave them in the comments down below, or DM me on Instagram (@TheSeoulSearch).

Are you happy you chose to transfer to UC Davis?

Yes! I really appreciate this school and community’s commitment to sustainability and being environmentally thoughtful! Between the weekly farmer’s market and grocery co-op, as well as the ease of biking around town, I’ve been able to reduce my waste and carbon footprint quite a bit. Having a lot of green spaces, such as the Arboretum, to clear my head or just get some fresh air has also been quite lovely.

Of course, there’s more to transferring to Davis than the environmental aspects. The physics department is quite robust, in fact, much more robust and tight knit than what I had expected. The professors and TA’s have both been incredibly kind and willing to help. The physics department at Davis has the same homey feel as the physics department at my community college. The primary difference has been the size.

What’s the most challenging part of transferring from a community college to a UC?

The quarter system - undoubtedly. I’m not quite sure what it is about the quarter system, but it feels much more panicked and rushed than the semester system did. Although the volume of information covered over the course of a year is the same, I feel like the semester system was less stressful.

What are some things being away from home that you didn’t expect?

How difficult it is to feed yourself consistently!!!! Because I chose to stay at an apartment, rather than the transfer dorms, I’ve been having a surprisingly difficult time remembering to feed myself. The duties involved in having a meal becomes wholey thrust upon you - no longer can I meander down the stairs to find my mother’s cooking. From grocery shopping, preparing, and washing up, all of those tasks are now up to you. There’s no one there to remind you to eat, when it seems like it’s been too long. I’ve started to meal prep, which has made it a little bit easier, but it’s still a work in progress.

How to prevent burnout?

Honestly, I wish I could provide some insight but I can’t. I run myself to the ground until I have an existential crisis, cry in the shower, then do it all over again. I have found, however, that practicing self care and uni-tasking has significantly helped me feel less panicked.

Plans after college?

I want to help shape the landscape of STEM education in the United States and be an educator in some capacity. I don’t necessarily think that it’s going to be in a traditional medium (ie. teaching in a physical classroom full of 50-ish students), but I want to create and develop a platform that makes high quality STEM education accessible to everyone.

If you have questions that you want me to answer next time, please leave them in the comments down below!

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