Four Slow Fashion Brands That Light Up My Feed

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almina concept

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Classic, and effortless style is what Almina Concept embodies. This LA based, South Korean manufactured fashion house aims to make “thoughtfully designed, curated modern staples at the right price.” Almina Concept began when the brand’s founder noticed a gap in the clothing market for high quality, competitively priced modern basics. If you’re looking for something with a bit of that French girl je ne sais quoi, Almina Concept is undoubtedly for you.

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minor history


Minor History is a New York based leather goods and accessories brand. Their leather is sourced as a byproduct of the meat industry. Their factories also meet SEDEX SMETA 4-pillar requirements, and all of their materials meet Oeko-Tex and REACH standards. Their bags are also often named after ballet techniques (like plie, and coupe), which is a fun little nod to the art. If you love sleek, minimalist lines and unconventional basics, Minor History is for you.

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house of sunny

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House of Sunny is a UK based ethical house that produces new-aged romantic styles. All of their pieces are limited edition runs, which reduces manufacturing waste and their factories are frequently visited to ensure ethical manufacturing processes. House of Sunny’s style footprint is similar to that of Inditex’s Zara (a fast fashion supergiant). However, where they differ is quality, and ethics, making House of Sunny an indisputable winner.

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olive clothing

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This British contemporary lifestyle brand embodies everything it means to be a British cool girl: Chelsea boots, houndstooth coats, and a tartan skirt. If you’ve ever wanted to embody a Kate Moss kind of cool, Olive Clothing is right up your alley. Corporate conscience is a major part of Olive Clothing’s ethos. Olive’s factories maintain “highly unionised employment environments subject to developed world levels of minimum pay” and communicate with factory workers in the worker’s primary language. The brand aims to maintain fair trade principles, regardless of scale and growth.

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