Slow Living: A Shopping Ban

This year, I’m trying to embrace the idea of “slow living.” I tend to stress out unnecessarily quite often (hello, type-A personality), and experience a lot of self-induced anxiety about a lot of little things. After falling down the slow-living rabbit hole, I figured that an intentional, simpler life would be something that a type-A personality like me could really benefit from.

Slow living, to me, is an extension of minimalism. This means fewer, better things, less clutter, and streamlining the parts of your life that need to be streamlined. Although I don’t think I will ever truly be a minimalist, I think that the minimalist principles of only having things that are valuable and bring you joy are valuable.

Untitled_Artwork 17.png

One area of my life that’s been the source of quite a bit of unnecessary stress has been fashion. This form of artistic self expression has turned into a trend-hunting game. Although I don’t think that finding inspirations from others is a bad thing, clothing and fashion has become another element of my life prone to comparison and feelings of inadequacy.


In order to remedy the anxiety, I’ve decided to self-imposed a shopping ban. No more mindless consumption, impulse purchasing, and reckless spending. Although I’m not particularly looking forward to this shopping ban, I know that it will help me develop a better relationship with my spending habits, self-image, and fashion sense. My goal is to purchase only the necessities (ie. food, toiletries, etc), and eliminate any other superfluous spending (ie. late night UberEats, 3 am Amazon orders, impulse sale purchases) until the end of March.

What are your thoughts on shopping bans? Do you find that they improve your life or do they leave you feeling worse than when you began? Let me know in the comments down below!