Ohii Beauty Eye Palette Review


ohii beauty is Urban Outfitters’ in-house beauty brand that launched early September in 2018. This isn’t the fashion giant’s first foray into beauty, with Gourmand EDP Fragrance already under its belt.

It’s stylized branding (all intentionally lower cased), ethnically inclusive model palette, and bright, friendly packaging makes ohii beauty another attempt at capturing the millennial beauty market. Similarly to the industry disruptor Glossier, ohii “seeks to enhance natural beauty, not hide it.” The brand reinforces its millennial-aimed branding by featuring customer photos on its Instagram, and employing the presence of no-makeup-makeup trendsetter, Katie Jane Hughes.

However, unlike Glossier, ohii’s branding isn’t air-tight. The unboxing experience is pretty lack-luster. Their products are wrapped in generic bubble wrap and shipped in Urban Outfitters’ poly-bags to your door. No cute stickers or reusable bubble-wrap bag accompany your order. They did open a pop-up at Space15Twenty in Los Angeles, Urban Outfitters’ trend-driven concept store.


Feel-good beauty just for you, ohii fills in the blanks of every routine with thoughtful, cruelty-free products designed to play well with others. Readily accessible to all, both in stores and online, ohii seeks to enhance natural beauty, not hide it.

- Urban Outfitters

Treasure Eye Palette


The treasure eye palette features 10 warm-toned pressed shadows. Most of the shadows are shimmery, thanks to the inclusion of gold flakes, and are very buttery. The shadows aren’t necessarily not-pigmented, but they’re not the most pigmented shadows I’ve encountered either. They are incredibly wearable, but the lack of a distinct highlight shade prevents me from dubbing this palette as a bulletproof must-have. Pomegranate and garnet are much redder than they appear in the photos and have become my go-to shades for experimenting and pushing myself out of my beauty comfort zone.

Magic Hour Eye Palette

The magic hour eye palette features 10 cool-toned pressed shadows. Somehow, they’ve managed to quantify the word “ethereal” in a color palette, making the name “magic hour” incredibly appropriate. Pixie gives an incredibly beautiful and soft sheen and is perfect both an under-brow and face highlighter. Peridot is an opalescent color that serves as a great all over wash, or an unorthodox highlight. This palette is slightly less “natural” due to the darker colors, but serves as a great complement to the treasure eye palette.


These palettes are a great introduction into experimenting with colors, due to their slight sheerness, and are pretty affordable at under $25 USD. The two palettes serve as amazing complements to each other and can sufficiently serve as all of your eyeshadow needs as a pair, but aren’t anything incredibly noteworthy independently. However, if you’re someone who wants to start exploring color, but don’t want to clean out your wallet, I highly recommend giving these a try.

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