July Favorites


Is it just me, or did July feel impossibly long? 

Hey all!

Although I haven't been a particularly regular blogger, I've decided to create more blog content!

Making YouTube videos is a lot of fun; however, because they are incredibly time consuming to both film and edit, and I like to retain a good amount of separation between my personal life and filming, I decided that creating blog posts would be the best way to put more content out there!

Anyways, I digress. Here are the things I've been loving throughout the month of July.


youtube channels

courtesy photo

courtesy photo

red means recording

Red Means Recording, known offscreen as Jeremy Blake, makes incredibly detailed and unexpectedly humorous videos about his musical process, specifically on Teenage Engineering's iconic synthesizer, the OP-1. Being able to watch Blake's process inspired me to get back into creating music and exploring electronic sounds - something I would never have done. His videos are beautifully produced and will make you want to spend the $1000 to invest in your own OP-1. 

Andrew Huang

Andrew Huang is a Canadian musician that makes music out of literally everything. And I mean everything. He's unbelievably talented, and his infectious enthusiasm for all things music has reinvigorated my love for creating. If you want to know more about music production or need a healthy dose of inspiration, I highly recommend watching his videos.

Sweet Potato Soul

Although I'm not vegan, I've been trying to incorporate a little more plant-based nutrition into my life. Sweet Potato Soul, created by Jenné Claiborne, a "Georgia Peach living in Los Angeles (by way of NYC)," is a blog and YouTube channel that helps bring tasty, accessible and familiar foods onto your table, all without animal products. There's no kale-in-a-bowl nonsense here. She's incredibly charming, and friendly - there's no way you wouldn't want to be her best friend.

Pomplamoose Music

Pomplamoose is a dynamic duo consisting of Patreon founder and multitalented musician Jack Conte, and singer-songwriter-instrumental Nataly Dawn. Pomplamoose was actually the first channel I subscribed to on YouTube many moons ago and inspired me to create my own covers back in middle school. I highly recommend giving Pomplamoose a listen to. They're funky and energetic, with Nataly's smooth, velvety voice the perfect juxtaposition.



Going Green

The Zero-Waste (low-waste, waste-reduction) movement has really been catching onto me lately! In order to do my part to help reduce my plastic consumption and create unnecessary waste, I've been using a mason jar and stainless steel straw when I drink coffee out and about, and have been carrying them in my Glossier Tote Bag!


Muji Diffuser

This sucker was on sale at Muji so I had to nab it. It serves as a humidifier, diffuses cold (!!!) water, and is a great night light as well. It's definitely not a neecssity, but is a luxury I've been really enjoying lately. My favorite essential oil to diffuse has been grapefruit!


Califia Farms Almond Milk

I am very lactose intolerant. This almond milk is unsweetened, preservative and carrageenan free, locally produced in Southern California, and is incredibly delicious! Also, it was on sale for 2 for $5 at Vons. How could I say no?


July has been a musically bizarre month. It's a strange mix of music, but I haven't been able to stop listening to dream pop and indie-folk. If you have any recommendations of artists that are similar to the ones featured on my July playlist, please let me know!

The Playlist:

Fleetwood Mac

  • The Chain
  • Dreams
  • Gypsy


  • Africa


  • Sweet Dreams


  • Writer In The Dark
  • Hard Feelings/Loveless
  • Supercut
  • Greenlight
  • The Louvre 
  • Perfect Places
  • 400 Lux
  • The Love Club
  • Sober