3 Tips to Prepare For The New School Year

The most important tip of all: find a furry study buddy.

The most important tip of all: find a furry study buddy.

There's something so motivating about back-to-school season. The trifecta of fresh notebooks, a new set of classes, and adequate sleep encourages productivity. However, as the months go by, it's harder and harder to maintain the thrill of a new school year. I have three study tips that will help you maintain your grades all year long - even when you don't want to.

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repetition builds good habits

The only way to build expertise in an area is by putting the time to be familiar with it. Even though it's painful, put in a little bit of time every day to familiarize yourself with the concepts. I like to do 10-20 practice problems on the day's lesson, depending on how difficult/tedious the concept is, and do an extra 3-5 practice problems from the lesson before. 


the best students teach

So teach! Also known as the Feynman Technique, this study technique employs the educator locked inside you. In study groups, give a small "lecture" on the subject in question as if you were the professor. When questions arise and you can't answer them, that's where you know a gap in understanding exists.


words of wisdom

There's a good chance your professor has been teaching the course you're taking for a long time. Ask your professor the common pitfalls of students as soon as possible, and keep them in mind as you're studying. There's a good chance that the biggest pitfall your professor sees is "students not studying enough."