For The Greener Good: My Journey To Slow Fashion

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I’ve never been particularly dedicated to the world of fashion trends. Maybe its my insubordinance to structure, or natural distaste of "fitting in," but I like to dress in a way that makes me feel confident and shows off the most honest reflection of myself. There was never particularly much thought put into any purchase. From Forever21 to Urban Outfitters, style was a form of self expression that depleted my wallet. My closet became cluttered with pieces that I couldn't wear more than once or twice, because they fell apart so quickly.

The fashion industry is notorious for environmental and ethical violations. The second dirtiest industry (after petroleum, may I add), fast fashion hurts everyone from the people who manufacture the clothes to those who wear them. If you want more information about fast fashion and its environmental impact, I highly recommend Vice's article.

Since then, I've transitioned into a smaller capsule wardrobe full of quality, effortless pieces. However, this hasn't been an overnight transition, and required a ridiculous amount of planning and more money than I'd like to admit. My wardrobe isn't completely conflict free; I've kept pieces from less-than-ethical companies that have held up over time because it's better for the environment that it's on my body rather than in a landfill. 


Fast Fashion Ban


I’m challenging myself (and you! But only if you want to!) to a fast-fashion ban. No, it won’t be perfect, simply because a lot of brands dedicated to sustainable fashion are out of my budget, as a college student, and don’t always carry everything I need. The next 90 days will be fast-fashion free, and hopefully both Mother Earth and my wallet will be a little better because of it.


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