August Favorites

guess who learned how to make gifs????

guess who learned how to make gifs????




the anna edit

Anna is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber from Brighton who’s known for her capsule wardrobe series!

She’s got major sophisticated big sister vibes and something about her videos are so incredibly binge-worthy.

Anna's YouTube Channel


bingo the otter

This little otter makes the cutest little squeaks and is so incredibly mischievous. Honestly, if you’re not subscribed, you are missing the heck out.

Bingo's YouTube Channel


bon appétit magazine

Bon Appétit is a New York based magazine with a YouTube channel. Full of amazing personalities and tasty recipes, I've been obsessively binging their videos lately.

My favorite Bon Appétit chef? Carla. That's right. All you Brad Leone fans can back off. Carla's the boss.

Bon Appétit's YouTube Channel

My Favorite Carla Video



From the brain that brought you Futurama and The Simpsons comes Disenchantment - a show about the misadventures of the rebellious princess Bean, her personal demon Luci, and elf confidant Elfo. A lighthearted show perfect for your Friday nights.

Available only on Netflix




brandy melville tilden pants

I know. This totally goes against my fast fashion ban, but I’ve seriously been loving these pants. Breezy and effortless, these pants have been perfect for the near-hundred degree California heat while keeping my legs sunburn free.


glossier lidstar in cub

The perfect lazy girl beauty item, Glossier's lidstar in Cub has been on my face nearly every day this month. I just dot a little bit on each of my eye lids and blend it out with a fluffy brush. A gorgeous pinky-mauvey shade with some sheen, Cub is perfect for anyone who wants to define their eyes without putting in a hundred hours of work in the morning.


tote bags

Effortless and casual-chic, I've been coveting tote bags in lieu of my typical mini Fjallraven Kanken backpack throughout the month of August. This tote is from Glossier's Melrose showroom.


august spotify playlist

It's been a very strange and eclectic month: a mix of top 100s pop, ABBA and other oldies, french music, and then a cheeky little Chopin.

Follow my Spotify Playlist here




Frick. Is anyone as excited I am for the new school year to start? No? Just me? Alright, then.