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Fall Fashion Essentials

fashionMichelle ChoiComment
Fall Fashion Essentials

It’s finally the first day of Autumn! *screams excitedly*

Okay, real talk: I freaking love fall fashion. The weather is finally cool enough to whip out denim and jackets, but also just warm enough to keep rockin’ those skirts without a pair of fleece tights underneath. To celebrate the first day of Autumn, here are the three things I'll be wearing all season long.

The Leather Blazer


This sucker is straight from the 90s. A vintage twist on the classic leather jacket, this leather blazer adds a little bit of edge to an otherwise typically preppy and clean cut outerwear piece.


Straight Leg Denim


There’s nothing more satisfying than denim that holds you in and hugs your curves in all the right ways. This cheeky pair of straight leg jeans from Everlane is high waisted and made in the world’s cleanest denim factory. They’re also under $70. A win-win for everyone.

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