Slow Living: Keep Cup Review

keep cup.jpg

I think the most commonly asked question I receive is how I like my KeepCup. In short, I absolutely adore it and use it every day, but I thought I’d do a thorough review on my favorite coffee receptacle.

This Melbourne-based company was founded in 2009 to fight the waste created by using disposable coffee cups. KeepCup prides itself on being the “world's first barista standard reusable coffee cup.”

Their entire business model is based on environmental mindfulness and are manufactured in Australia, the UK, and the USA. Your KeepCup will be shipped from whichever manufacturing hub is closest to you. They package all of their products in 100% recycled cardboard and have been a B Corporation since 2014.

I purchased my KeepCup in September 2018, when I was starting to transition into living more sustainably. I intentionally wanted to purchase a glass cup, due to its recyclability, and settled on KeepCup because all of the parts are replaceable. Break the cork band? No problem - you can purchase a replacement. Shatter the glass but still have a lid? Just get a new glass.

It’s important to note that “barista standard” is slightly smaller than you’re used to if you frequent Starbucks or other like coffee chains. The cups range from a 4 oz to 16 oz. In perspective a Starbucks “tall” is 12 oz, a “grande” is 16 oz, and a “venti” is 24 oz.

As a bit of a clumsy person, I’ve dropped my KeepCup too many times to count. From concrete steps to kitchen tile, there hasn’t been a drop my KeepCup hasn’t failed to survive yet. It’s even made it’s way out of a moving bike and looks brand new.

The lid separates into two pieces for easy and hygienic washing. Lipstick has a tendency to cling to my lightly colored lid and takes a little bit of elbow grease and hot water to come off. Even then, I’m not entirely convinced the stain is gone.

The cup is also leakproof (although I don’t think it’s guaranteed to be), and has a relatively tight seal around the cup and the lid.

It is not vacuum insulated (so it won’t keep your hot drinks hot, or your cold drinks cold), so expect a little bit of condensation to form on the glass. I primarily drink iced beverages, but on the few occasions I’ve made hot tea in my KeepCup, I haven’t found the slim cork band to be that much of a problem.

The lid opening is not suitable for anything larger than your standard sized reusable straw. If you’re looking for a boba/bubble tea cup replacement, this isn’t for you. However, I would highly recommend a mason jar instead for that purpose.

I don’t really have many complaints about the KeepCup, withholding its tendency to be a lipstick stain magnet. Yes, it’s more expensive than your standard reusable cup from Amazon, but the company’s responsible supply chain and ethics, as well as the KeepCup’s high quality performance make it a winner for me.