Mixtape Monday Vol 2: cram jams

Mixtape Monday Vol 2: cram jams
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Track List

Stay a While – The Cactus Channel

hammock – mommy

Hearing Voices – Milk Flud

I’ll Be Around – Fog Lake

Solace – quickly, quickly

Empty Roads – Jaeden Camstra

Infomercials & Heavy Eyelids – Jaeden Camstra

Paris – Maple Syrup

Ji-Eun’s Sunset – City Girl

smokee – chief., Chill Children

Iloveyou – A L E X

5:32pm – The Deli

passing – mommy

controlla – Idealism

sincerely, yours – Nohidea

Getsomerest/sleepwell – quickly, quickly

Again – Wun Two

Places – Shlohmo

Yours and Nobody Else’s – Fallen Roses, B dom

im closing my eyes (Feat. Shiloh) – potsu, Shiloh

Underwater. – Gnavis

french inhale – [bsd.u]

lovesick – potsu

Affection – Jinsang

We’ve Never Met but Can We Have a Cup of Coffee or Something – In Love With a Ghost

Monday Loop – Tomppabeats

Both of Us – Idealism

Your Eyes – Joey Pecoraro

summer nights. – halberd, Nion

Rolling Papers – Sleepdealer

my new love – Elijah Who

Snowfall – Idealism

Sorry for Not Answering the Phone I’m Too Busy Trying to Fly Away – In Love With a Ghost

Sorry, I Like You - Burbank


About Donna Rahgoshay

I’m Donna, the digital DJ. Some of my current favorite artists are TV Girl, The Dip, and Margaret Glaspy. When I can get a break from studying bioengineering, I like to sing and play the guitar, piano, and ukulele, ultimately giving me a greater appreciation for the way the music is made. Aside from music, I enjoy throwing pottery, spending time in the great outdoors, and bullet journaling.

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