[Episode 1.2] - Donna Rahgoshay (Bio Engineering Major)

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Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering. The four pillars to the acadmic disciplines known across the nation as “STEM.” From The Big Bang Theory to Silicon Valley, STEM has found its place in pop-culture an the amalgamation of nerds, geeks and losers. 

It turns out, we’re a lot more than that.

Every week, I’ll be interviewing someone from the STEM industry, whether its a student, educator, or a professional. We’ll be discussing everything, from their childhood dream jobs, to the defining moments in their career. 

The Science of Being Human’s goal is to illuminate the humanity in STEM. People in STEM aren’t the socially deficient robots that you see on TV. They’re driven, passionate, empathetic, and kind. But most of all, they’re human. And sometimes, we’re the ones who have the hardest time remembering that. 

The Science of Being Human shares the stories of members in the STEM Industry, from where they started, to where they are now, how they got there, and what they learned along the way. The show will also highlight the gender disparity in the industry, and answer the question “so what do scientists really do?"


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This week, on the Science of Being Human, we’re hanging out with the lovely Donna Rahgoshay. Donna is a biomedical engineering major transferring to UC Berkeley. She’s brilliant, witty, and will for sure end up being your boss someday.

We discuss being a woman in STEM and the challenges women face in a heavily skewed industry, confidence, and staying true to yourself when it seems like the world is working against you.

If you’d like to share your story, whether you’re a student or industry professional, please email hello@theseoulsearch.com with your story with the subject line “PODCAST FEATURE.” I’d like to start sharing other people’s stories here on "The Science of Being Human!"


You can find Donna on Instagram: @donnarahgoshay

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