GoodNotes Template & Printable Pack

GoodNotes Template & Printable Pack


This 100% Free GoodNotes Template is perfect for students of all academic disciplines. The 5 mm dot grid form allows for incredible flexibility and is designed to be used with GoodNotes4.

Please note that The Seoul Search is not affiliated with GoodNotes, Apple, or Time Base Technology Limited in any way.


  • A4 Notes

  • A4 Dot Grid

  • Letter Notes

  • Letter Dot Grid

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How to import template to GoodNotes

  1. Open GoodNotes

  2. Press “Options” (found on lower right hand corner)

  3. Press “Template Library”

  4. Press “Edit” (found on upper right hand corner)

  5. Press “+”

  6. Import template

  7. Press template thumbnail

  8. Enable “zoom window return height”

  9. Input 33.00 for “height”

  10. Press save

  11. You’re done!