My School Bag Essentials (2018) - College Edition

My School Bag Essentials (2018) - College Edition

Between 18 hour days filled with class and work, running around town trying to get errands done, and trying to fit side-hustles somewhere in the mix, it's easy to say that I definitely live out of my backpack. Here are my five school bag essentials that have made this semester a hundred times more bearable.

1. Ordinary Differential Equations - Morris Tenenbaum & Harry Pollard


Yes, I will admit, this textbook is not for everyone. But if you are currently taking an introductory differential equations course, or ever intend on taking it, I highly recommend this book.

Written by Morris Tenenbaum of Cornell University and Harry Pollard of Purdue University, Ordinary Differential Equations - An Elementary Textbook for Students of Mathematics, Engineering, and the Sciences is a must have. This $20(!!!) book is zero-frills and all content, and was originally published in 1963 so you know it's withstood the test of time. 

It's definitely not an easy textbook to read and requires the reader to be well-versed in mathematics. So if you're looking for a pool-side flip through, this book is not for you.


2. Vasa Rose Gold/White Earbuds - Sudio Sweden

Call me old fashioned, but I love a good wired earbud.

You never have to worry about the bluetooth skipping out, or recharging it. Just plug it into your device of choice and you're ready to go.

This earbuds from Sudio Sweden come with an adorable matching leather pouch, which helps me keep track of them. My only complaint is that their complementary ear-tips are not very comfortable. In fact, I switched them out for some Comply foam tips. Now they're noise cancelling, comfortable, and provide solid audio quality.


3. A Big Water Bottle


No, she's not the cutest thing out on the market, but she's vacuum insulated and stores 40 whopping fluid ounces of water.

This stainless steel water bottle from Takeya is amazing. It keeps things cold for hours on end and is actually substantial enough to provide enough hydration for more than 2 hours. Even better? They're available at Costco in a two-pack.


4. Bullet Journal

I've yet to find a better system that helps me keep my life together and allows me to organize my scattered, non-linear brain.

contry meme.jpg

This dot notebook is from Muji and features stickers from Glossier, and my own shop! The paper is silky smooth, creamy-white, and absolutely amazing in every possible way. I think I like this more than the Lechtturm 1917.

Some self-promo: If you decide to purchase a sticker (or anything else) from my store, the proceeds will go towards the Association for Women in Science (+ free shipping to continental USA)!


5. Hair ties


You can never find them when you need them, and they're everywhere when you don't. 

I always keep a bunch in my bag at all times, whether it's loose in the front pocket or attached via carabiner to my keys. How else are you supposed to study with your long, curly locks obscuring your vision?

What are your 5 school essentials? I'd love to know! Leave me a comment down below!

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