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A couple of exciting things I'm doing this summer:

  1.  moving out from home for the first time ever!
  2.  transferring to UC Davis to study Applied Physics with an emphasis on physical electronics! 

I'm so incredibly excited. The campus is so incredibly beautiful, the people who attend the school are so incredibly kind, and UC Davis (and the whole town of Davis) cares a lot about its impact on the environment. Although I won't be moving up to Davis until September, I still need to prepare myself and my belongings for the move to the other half of the state. This means decluttering all of the stuff I've accumulated within the past 20 years of my life. The biggest project to declutter was definitely my clothes - I've transitioned into a "capsule wardrobe" style of situation for the past year now; I just hadn't bothered to take the time to organize the things I no longer wanted until now.

I used ThredUp to sell a lot of my newer & nicer articles of clothing and donated the rest to my local thrift shop. ThredUp was pretty painless (it entailed stuffing everything into a pre-paid bag and shipping it off via USPS) and free. Now it's just time to wait as they appraise my items. Totally not sponsored, by the way.

I hope you all are having a lovely summer - I know I am. There are definitely going to be more videos coming your way! I just needed some time to recharge. Thank you all so much growing this community into such an incredibly wholesome and fantastic environment.

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