How I Take Self Portraits

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Hello hello!

I posted a poll on my Instagram stories asking if you wanted to see how I take my self portraits! There was an overwhelming amount of yes, much to my surprise, so here we are. How I take my self portraits. *insert thumbs up here*


The Gear I Use

I currently use a Canon 70d and a Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 to take all of my self portraits. It's not the most perfect or efficient configuration out there, but for my purposes, the set up takes pretty great shots. This configuration is set atop a Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod.

The camera is set in timer mode and the shutter is released using the Canon Camera Connect App. There's always a little bit of lag when using the live view feature, which is to be expected. I really appreciate that I can look at the photos immediately after the shot from my phone as well so I don't need to run back and forth between the camera and wherever I'm shooting. 




Adobe Lightroom Classic CC - I have a love-hate relationship with Lightroom, and Adobe in general. On one hand, there's a reason why it's the industry standard: photo editing is done with such swiftness and ease that once you make the transition, you can't go back. On the other hand, it runs off of Creative Cloud, Adobe's wallet-draining subscription service which costs $10 a month. Although it's not a lot of money, it's way more expensive over time than a perpetual license. I have created my own presets, and though they'll never become a consumer preset pack (well, never say never) I'm quite happy with how they've been fairing on my photos. 

Affinity Photo - A photoshop alternative, I find Affinity Photo is a much more affordable option for anyone who wants to purchase photoshop without buying into the Adobe Creative Cloud system. Also, I mentioned in the video that there's student pricing. I lied. But it often goes on sale!

Affinity Designer - I mentioned this product in passing, but I use it to make all of my thumbnails!



I'm not being paid to mention any product or software. I truly believe in all of the products that I use! Links above indicated with (**) are Amazon affiliate links. That just means I make a little bit of money to pay with rent and tuition with every purchase you make at no extra cost to you!


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