For The Greener Good: Slow Fashion Summer

For The Greener Good: Slow Fashion Summer

Fashionable and sustainable clothing aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, it's the very opposite.

I've become a huge advocate for slow fashion lately. Whether it's thrifting, borrowing from a good samaritan, or purchasing from slow fashion house, there's a slow fashion option for everyone's budget.

In an effort to be 100% transparent, not all of the pieces worn in this look book are sourced sustainably. Because I've made the sustainable switch for only a few weeks, my wardrobe is still filled with fast fashion pieces. However, I feel like it's better for the environment and my wallet to continue wearing these articles until they are beyond repair, rather than donating or throwing them away and replacing them with something new.

Also, this isn't the most robust slow fashion look book. In fact, I dread dressing for summer. Between the relentless California rays and the thick blanket of humid-ish heat we've been having, wearing anything beyond an activewear top and running shorts seems beyond uncomfortable. Here are the three outfits I've been wearing when I have to make it out of the house and look somewhat presentable. 


sister sunshine


this yellow button down is roomy, comfy, and 100% cotton. whether it's tucked into a pair of denim shorts or tied up into a crop top, it's become my go-to piece for all things casual. the best part? it was free - thanks for letting me steal it, dad!


button down shirt - 2nd hand (ralph lauren polo)

tennis skirt - american apparel

white sneakers - chuck taylor

purse - vintage


black on black


easy, breezy, and multifunctional, this silk camisole has become a staple in my wardrobe for good. i usually tend to wear it with trousers, or boyfriend denim for a more relaxed look. however, because it's nearly a 100 degrees here in california, i've been wearing this camisole with a pair of high waisted denim shorts. finally - an all black ensemble appropriate for summer.


silk camisole - grana

denim shorts - american apparel

combat boots - doc martens

backpack - fjallraven kanken


beachy keen


the plain white t-shirt: a wardrobe staple that literally never goes out of style. it's classic, suits every skin tone, and is incredibly multipurpose and versatile. this shirt from everlane is responsibly sourced and so incredibly comfy that it's made a permanent home in my wardrobe - along with three other colors.


t shirt - everlane

pants - brandy melville

white sneakers - chuck taylors

tote bag - glossier

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